Friday, May 09, 2008


Goodbye, My Love

As much as I can't bear to let you go...I did. Thank you so much for the memories and pulse-racing moments. The heads-turning times, heart-warming times, none too much to bear nor forget. There were tough times too, but you remained trustworthy as always.

If I could, I would keep you for a longer period. Your prowess is none by paper/surface-value and non-detectable. But, it is time to say goodbye, for it is a time to progress to the next stage. So thank you, you will always be the 1st love and beloved milestone at 23.

And may whoever have you (in future) cherish you and enjoy you as much as I did.


Thursday, May 01, 2008


Happy Meal

I had a very happy meal! =) Not from McDonalds tho =P

A 7-course meal. (Mix n Match your own 7-courses, plenty of combinations to choose from!) Simply splendid. Serviced by extremely courteous and friendly staff. Quality of the food and drinks is tip-top!

Below are my choices:

Starters: Bread with a crunchy layer of butter-toast. Mushroom/Cheese/Chower-like spread to go along.

Appetiser (Salads):

Chicken / Fruit

Very nice designs of plate/s and pottery to go along with the food too! =)

Complimentay (BBQ-mushroom)

Tea (Very refreshing and cool to drink, tastes great!):

Summer Peach / Apple Rose


Mushroom / Sharks-fin (herb brewed)

Main Course (oops, forget to take before eat, too Dint try the other stuff, went for more normal ones)

Ribs / Steak (Super good, win all the rest of houses that sell Steaks only)


Cream Brulee / Black Sesamee Pudding


Lucky Draw

I was notified I won a lucky draw via email. It was from Shaw (movies). I don't even remember entering any of such lucky draws; the email said it was an automatic entry when purchase of tickets was done for Resident Evil: Extinction. Wow! That was really some time back and last year if I'm not wrong.

Anyway, the email said I won 5 items in the draw! Woohoo!! =)

The 5 items included: 2x DVDs (first two episodes, which I did not watch! haha, now I can watch liao), 1x T-shirt, Poster, Umbrella!

When I collected the stuff, I asked them how many winners are there in total. The staff told me only 7 winners for the lucky draw. Wow...coolness! =)

Pic of all the stuff =) (umbrella not around coz my mum must have kept it somewhere

Tuesday, April 01, 2008










Tuesday, March 18, 2008


NZ Pics

NZ Pics...loaded in Facebook!

Friday, February 29, 2008



This was supposed to be the first post for the year!

The sunrise squad for 2008 comprised of many! We reckon that this may perhaps be the 'last' time when so many ple 'turn up to mark attendance' already.

Traditionally, this viewing of the first sunrise for every new year on 1st Jan 2XXX started off in the year 2000. Origins dated back then that Dax, Jerry and I were at Orchard road for the supposed Millenium countdown. Weishen was somewhere else partying-drinking. After the massive crowded orchard road squeeze, the trio decided not to go home and do something new. Hence we went to old pasir ris park and hanged out by the beach (the then fisherman village). We decided to catch the sun rise for the millenium. So the trio just sat by the sea side trying not to freeze out and enjoy the night away. Weishen decided to join us at 6am. Not forgetting that he came and puked at the 'spider-web' area And hence, from that year onwards, we have jio-ed the rest of the gang and always go watch the 1st sunrise for every year!

This is such a rare year, because we did not stay overnight at a common house, yet we said meet 6.30am at the old pasir ris park carpark, and which means we all have to wake up like 5am+ or 6am, and all of us reached early and on time!! And everyone turned up! No one played!

A great 2008 ahead! Cheers!! =)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Typing Speed


Speed test

Sunday, February 10, 2008


CNY 2008 - Rat Year

Happy CNY to all! Hope everyone has enjoyed their fair share of it.

This year CNY I'm spending it out of the country!

Here's a pic of my luggages before I 'flew' on Chu Xi night. Thanks to 4th Aunt for your new luggage! It's a good size and came in handy! *appreciate it* =)

Was 'demanded' by my mum to make a trip down to Grandparent's place to eat reunion dinner before I fly. Erm, steamboat it usual, but what is 'unusual' this year is that they have made something into the shape of the Rat!

Yups, that's about it for this post. Hope everyone had a good and relaxing CNY! =)

*posted at NZ - 110208/1600hrs*

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